The Mercy Man
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Cast & Crew
JC Hernandez JC Hernandez
JC Hernandez, who plays Willy Diaz - aka The Mercy Man - has appeared in over 20 movies, including High Crimes and Carlito's Way: Rise to Power. JC's first love, however, is the theater, and he is a 4-year graduate of New York's Juillard School. About the Mercy Man character he say's, "At last a hero the Latin community can root for!"
Guenia Lemos Guenia Lemos
Brazillan-born beauty Guenia Lemos (Esme) is a consummate theater actress who has received stellar reviews from the New York Times and Washington post, for her stage acting. In addition to her stage work, Guenia ("rhymes with Kenya") has had recurring roles on Law & Order and One Life To Live.
Andre Royo Andre Royo
Andre Royo (Tad) is best known as the character Bubbles in the critically acclaimed HBO series The Wire. A native New Yorker now residing in Los Angeles, Andre has an impressive film resume and has worked with such directors as Spike Lee and John Singleton.
Rider McDowell Rider McDowell
Director & writer of The Mercy Man, Rider McDowell is the driving force behind this new film series. "I wanted to create a hero for America's Latino audience who would appeal to mainstream America as well. The key was in the casting. We looked at over 500 actors before we selected JC Hernandez to play Willy Diaz, aka The Mercy Man!"
Gabe Bartalos Gabe Bartalos
Gabe Bartalos is the Producer of THE MERCY MAN. "It was a thrill to read Rider's exceptional script and to produce the beautiful images for the screen." In 2008 Gabe was the Executive Producer on Frank Henenlotter's BAD BIOLOGY.
Adele Conover Adele Conover
Adele Conover co-produced The Mercy Man with Gabe Bartalos under the banner of Champawat Pictures, Inc. Before joining the Mercy Man team, Adele was an intellectual property lawyer for Miller Nash LLP in Seattle, WA. Adele can be reached at
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